Our Bungendore Clinic

detoxification-bungendoreAt Balance our main aim is to support you mentally, emotionally and physically to maintain health or return you to wellness for a happy and healthy life.

Felicity Patterson is an experienced practitioner with qualifications in Herbal Medicine, Nutrition, and Homoeopathy, who recognises respects and promotes the self-healing power of nature inherent in each individual human being. She endeavours to educate, inspire and encourage self-responsibility for health.

Balance has a fantastic reputation for effective natural treatment. Many of our patients have either sought care elsewhere without resolution, or others simply prefer a more natural approach and preventative care.

For professional treatment for Hormonal Imbalance, Weight Management, children’s issues, fatigue, digestive complaints, allergies, detox, sensitivities, learning and sleep difficulties, call Balance Wellness Bungendore on 0421 957 075 today.