Felicity Patterson

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The founder of Balance – Felicity Patterson is inspirational and empowering in her approach to transforming her audience as she leads them beyond their present paradigm guiding them to a new realm of possibility both in person and professionally. Felicity has studied human behaviour for more than 15 years and has a dynamic interest in inspiring others to limitless living. She dares to facilitate people in creating the fundamentals required to thrive in their full potential. Qualified in Herbal Medicine, Nutrition, Iridology and Homeopathy, Felicity is also a Yoga teacher and a Wellness Educator with extensive experience treating a range of conditions, including digestion, hormonal, mood and sleep disorders and children’s issues and women’s health.

Inspired by Natural medicine, Felicity was motivated in order to help others and has never looked back. Now, time and time again she sees these skills and techniques assist in not only physical illnesses but also those on a mental and emotional level.

Felicity explains “The aspects I love most about Natural health are that it empowers individuals, educating them to make life long changes that can prevent many chronic diseases and unhealthy mindsets.

Creating boundless living is Inspiring and Empowers Unlimited Potential within your life- Debunking the constraints of Health and mindset facilitates you to catapult toward your full potential in a dynamic manner.

That’s – Out of your mind- Felicity Patterson