Incredible Me

Lets Hear it for the Girlz


Limited places to ensure your child is carefully looked after.

Book online or Call 0421 957 075 for bookings

An incredibly empowering  program for children aged 6-12. It encourages your child to bring out self confidence, self worth and self love.

What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday

Our present thoughts build our life of tomorrow

Our life is our minds creation

  • Bring back your child’s confidence, calm and clarity
  • Encourage children to thrive in their surroundings
  • Unleash your child’s belief in themselves
  • Create a mindset of ‘Anything is Possible’

Our goal is to enrich our precious children to grow in happiness, mindfulness and self compassion and to find the courage to truly be themselves.
During the workshop we will be unpacking anxieties, fears, bullying, confidence, self esteem, courage and connection. We bring these into alignment to allow your child to discover and integrate tools that you can use to THRIVE everyday. I believe the children will walk away feeling empowered and courageous. It is important to educate our young people in the foundations of making and creating positive friendship choices, understanding their needs and being real.

Living is not a race; it is a journey to be enjoyed each day

What the children are saying:
I am so grateful for having Felicity as my teacher. I wish we could have her everyday and do Incredible Me every day. I had so much fun. Freya
I am so happy I was lucky enough to come to Incredible Me and I got to learn Yoga                                                                                                                                           Mikayla
Felicity is the best teacher ever. I had lots of fun today.                                   Meg
I am grateful for having awesome friends                                                              Sophia
Incredible1 Incredible 4