My 5 Favourite Skin Fixers

Skin Fixers 1   My 5 Favourite Skin Fixers 

Skin problems and acne spark some very interesting discussion, which brings me here  today.  I’m keen to share my 5 best skin fixers.

Cleanse from the inside out

Its crazy that our skin is the largest organ we have yet the most neglected.  Toxins, which the body can’t deal with are pushed out via the skin, bowels or the mouth. Our gut and skin health is so very connected.  Imbalances like acne, dermatitis, rashes eczema, psoriasis, and alike, naturally my first point of call is the gut health.  A good probiotic and a  hearty beef and vegetable soup which contains quality collagen for lining repair will help to nourish and support good digestion. If your mouth and cheeks are the problem areas,  it’s a little clue into your gut health being your issue.

  De-Rail  inflammation

Skin conditions can be a result of intense inflammation and poor diet.  Inflammatory foods just like gluten, sugar and dairy can play hard ball with our insides and really wear away good gut flora. You might like to pick one of these trigger foods and remove it. Gluten, for example is super hard to digest and can lead to a plethora of  problems.  Cut it out for a few weeks as a starting point and see.

Happy Hormones

When acne presents along the neck, back and jawline it can be a result of unhappy Hormones. These ones are usually bigger than the facial kind, and can be you clue to getting onto rebalancing your hormones.  Generally I find in girls it’s triggered by an oestrogen dominance.  Try avoiding high levels of hormone in animal meat, photo oestrogen’s in soy products, chemicals and beauty products. Increasing your magnesium rich foods can also assist in rebalancing oestrogen. Some other signs of oestrogen dominance might be: heavy, painful or clotty periods, ovulation pain or PMT. Depression, mood swings and weight gain can show up when the oestrogen overbears the progesterone. Its all in the BALANCE. Progesterone has a target role in heightening our happy mood. 

Unleash your Rhythm

Sometimes life gets a little crazy, lack of sleep, flying or that little window before your period, can knock you for six. Learn to understand your body and notice the times when you might need to a a bit more mindful of your water intake and top notch nutrition.  Take a little time out for yourself and fill your energy bucket. A relaxing night with a good cup  of Herbal tea can work wonders for getting back on track.

When life gives you Lemons

If your poor skin is a result of toxic build up instead of hormonal imbalance, invest in a good cleanse.  A cleanse is about eating easily digested foods, it doesn’t need to be harsh and drastic. My favourite morning routine is a big glass of water with half a lemon squeezed into it, 15 minutes before breakfast. So when life gives you lemons. Cleanse your insides and Eat them!!


Yes! There are so many fixers when it comes to clearing up your skin.  I’d love to hear your best ‘fixers’ and even your worst!  It’s all about finding out what works for you and why??


Be Well


Wellness Educator

Felicity Patterson



Posted on: August 27, 2015, by : Balance n Heal